Two New Papers

Very happy to see two incredibly long research efforts finally come to a successful conclusion. Both of these papers originated around the time of my previous sabbatical. Given that I'm just starting my current sabbatical, this practically qualifies as long-wave research. 

The first is a paper on the adoption of fair-value accounting in China, with co-authors Stella Peng and Kate Bewley. It's a paper where we really struggled to find our voice, but it sure helps to have women on the research team: "Nevertheless, she persisted!" is a phrase that will never grow old for me.


Peng, S., Bewley, K., & Graham, C. (2018). The Winding Road to Fair Value Accounting in China: A Social Movement Perspective. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, (31) 4: 1257-1285.

The second is a paper on microfinance, written with co-authors Chandana Alawattage and Danture Wickramasinghe. It introduces the concept of microaccountability, which I hope will be useful in further research on systems of domination that work at the level of the individual, including not just microfinance but social media. (If you want to understand how Facebook and Twitter are able to generate such enormous amounts of wealth, microaccountability will help.)


Alawattage, C., Graham, C., & Wickramasinghe, D. (2018). Microaccountability and biopolitics: Microfinance in a Sri Lankan village. Accounting, Organizations and Society. doi:

I intend to turn the latter paper into a series of blog posts here. However, I also need to keep the ball rolling on my sabbatical research, so I'm not making any promises on timing.