Podcast or Perish

Pleased to announce that I’m launching Podcast or Perish, a new podcast about academic research and why it matters. The pilot episode is up, and the first full episode drops on Monday, September 9, 2019.

The show features interviews with a wide variety of academics who are doing research that matters, and who are terrific at explaining what they have learned and why we should care. In the first few episodes, I’ll be talking to:

  • Celia Haig-Brown (York University) about Indigenous education and the residential school system

  • Heidi Matthews (York University) about international criminal law and genocide

  • Michelle Larue (University of Canterbury) about penguins, seals, and Antarctic ecosystems

  • Kevin Milligan (University of British Columbia) about longevity and economic policy

  • Dawn Bazely (York University) about what plants in the Arctic tell us about climate change

We’ve got 14 episodes recorded already, and more on the way, covering everything from concussion research to accounting. Which some of my students my feel are related topics, after banging their head against concepts like unrealized gains.

You can find the episodes on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and many other podcast aggregators. Subscribe now, and visit podcastorperish.ca for transcripts and links related to every episode.