From time to time, I publish a series of articles on a specific company or topic.
Here are some of the most popular ones...


Want to learn about financial statements? These articles will teach you about the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

The Basics


Apple has a strange problem: too much cash. We look at shareholder pressure tactics and Apple's aggressive tax avoidance strategies. Start with the earliest one, "Core Problems at Apple."



Canada's only satellite radio company somehow managed to pay no income tax on $1.6B of revenue, despite paying huge dividends to its shareholders. We learn how.  Start with the earliest one, "R U Sirius?"

Sirius XM


Photo of a series of coffee cups, handmade by Bev Brown of Edmonton, taken in 2015.

Note: the articles are listed blog-style, with the latest article at the top. Can't fix this until Squarespace gives us the ability to control sort order. Until then, start at the bottom. Thanks for your patience.